We began travelling to Morocco in 1993, and since then we have become increasingly attracted by everything that Morocco has to offer. In 1999, we became interested in investing in apartments and, more recently, in sites for construction.

Development in the Moroccan market is going in the right direction, and, if you want to participate, simply jump on the bandwagon. If you look at the housing market in Sweden over the past 10 years with interest and the prices for houses/lots/apartments, then you will see that the development has been quite positive. OBVIOUSLY, Morocco is quite different from Sweden, but there are many similarities, and Morocco is gaining ground on Europe. Why buy a villa by the beach in Spain for 10 million SEK when the corresponding in Morocco costs 2.5 million SEK?

Our idea is to purchase lots, build, and then sell or rent the property. We have partners in Sweden with whom we work on larger projects.

Because we constantly are searching for interesting real estate and travel to Morocco on a frequent basis, we are able to help anyone in Sweden that would also be interested. The purpose does not necessarily have to be to make money, but can also be to find an oasis in a country that has everything and then some.

If anyone is interested in selling property in Morocco, then uploading pictures and a description on MarockInvest.com is no problem. Please contact us through email.

CEO Patrik Carlsson and Pontus Kåmark

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