1. Find a property
Depending on where and what you are interested in for example, an apartment/house by the sea or a lot on which to build we will work with the manager in Morocco to locate a number of suggestions that might suit you. Also, we will travel to Rabat to inspect the different prospects together with the manager of the building company.

2. Interest
If you are interested in any of the properties, then negotiations begin on the site to reach an agreement. It is also possible to pay a deposit if you have made up your mind.

3. Payment
When paying for the property, all papers are signed in the presence of a clerk who verifies the property is for sale (this is usually never a problem) and that the seller is the owner and so on.

4. Registration
All the signed papers are submitted by the clerk to be registered, and after 1-2 months you will receive all the papers to confirm that you are the owner.


The costs for a purchase in Morocco can be exemplified by the following (in this case prices are for a lot):

     Lot 1000000 MAD Cheque

Service charge
Summa Total

Estate agent

2,5% 25000 MAD
0,5%  5000 MAD
1%+75 10075 MAD
1300 MAD
1%( 0,75%) 10000 MAD
75 MAD
51450 MAD

10000 MAD
2%  20000 MAD
20000 MAD when building


If you want to build on the premises the cost is approximately 2000-3000 SEK/m2 (depending on the standard/quality) and then you will have a pre-fabricated house.

The properties tend to sell quickly, but four weeks ago, the following were among the available properties:

Property 1:

Apartment with a view of the sea in the attractive area of Temara, which is about six miles from the city centre. 100m2 + balcony 15m2. Approx. 300m to lovely beaches. Gardener, 24-hour guards, and plans to include pool.

Price: ca 850 000 sek

Property 2:

Lot (between 90-200m2) in Hay Riad about three miles from central Rabat and three miles from the beach. This lot is located in a new area that is sure to be very lovely in a few years time with its own centre, schools, sport venues, police office, and bank, among other things. (I have bought a lot here to start construction this year). At this location, it is possible to build 3-4 stories to expand or to sell.

If you wish only to purchase an apartment in this area, the cost will be approximately 7000-10000 SEK/m2

Price: between 700 000 - 2500000 sek

If you find these prices too costly, there are cheaper apartments/houses/lots farther away from the city and the beaches if this might interest you.